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Following its acquisition in January 2022, Strongline is now Commure Strongline, a powerful ready-to-launch Commure application designed to protect and empower every person in the health ecosystem.

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of healthcare workers experienced or witnessed workplace violence this past April alone

Violence against healthcare workers is a national crisis. That’s why we’re purpose-built by and for frontline caregivers to prevent and de-escalate workplace violence across care facilities of any size and scale.


Instant and Discreet

Finally, there is a discreet way for hospital staff to instantly summon help to their location. The Strongline beacon is typically worn with a hospital ID badge. Staff simply press a small button on the beacon which sends a silent distress signal with their name and real-time location to security personnel and also to other staff in proximity.


Location-Based Alerts

Inconspicuous alerting and rapid response from nearby colleagues dramatically improves the likelihood of timely de-escalation and intervention, reducing the probability of more serious negative outcomes.


Affordable and Reliable

By leveraging an affordable and secure, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) location infrastructure, the Strongline system provides the ability for staff within your organization to instantly summon support, often for less than the cost of covering nurse lost work days, replacing nurses due to burn out, or paying out preventable workers’ comp claims.


Valuable Insight

Robust reporting and configuration options enable designated recipients to access detailed data that empowers security and leadership teams to track duress events and take appropriate action in support of your colleagues.

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A Purpose-Driven Solution

Strongline was co-developed in partnership with Jefferson Health. Violence against health care workers is a national crisis and it has escalated in the COVID-19 pandemic. Strongline was created with the sole purpose to prevent workplace violence against front-line health care workers. Nurses, clinicians, security leaders, and IT teams from Jefferson Health collaborated with Strongline to build this transformative duress alerting and de-escalation tool.

Stephen Klasko
“We're going to do this for our entire enterprise, for every patient-facing staff member in our 14 hospital system."

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA // Former President – Thomas Jefferson University Former CEO – Jefferson Health


“My concern for staff safety literally kept me awake at night as a health system CEO, and I didn’t know how to address it effectively. I believe that the Strongline system is an essential tool for confronting this problem. It is affordable and elegantly uncomplicated. Your nurses, physicians and all supporting staff will feel more secure and will be safer immediately upon adoption. And national data demonstrates that a greater sense of “security” in the work environment will enhance employee engagement; and that will improve patient experience which will lead to improved quality of care and financial performance. I really believe that there will be a range of benefits by acquiring this product, but most importantly you will be keeping your staff safer.”

Howard Grant, J.D., M.D. // Retired CEO, Lahey Health
Former CMO, Geisinger Health


“We cannot allow this issue to persist in our field. Too many health care workers believe that violence against them is to be expected as part of the job. It is our responsibility as leadership to take action in order to solve this urgent and growing problem. This technology provides a simple and incredibly effective way for staff to request assistance from security personnel or nearby team members, when and where they require it. Having the ability to analyze reporting about staff duress occurrences gives hospital leadership the opportunity to proactively reach out to staff who may have experienced or witnessed a duress event.”

Ronald Paulus, M.D. // Former CEO, Mission Health
Former CAO & Chief Innovation Officer, Geisinger Health