Commure Acquires Strongline To Keep More Health Care Workers Safe

Commure Announcement

Written by Justin Green // Strongline Co-founder and CEO

We are excited to announce that Commure has entered into an agreement to purchase Strongline and its state-of-the-art duress alerting platform currently protecting tens of thousands of frontline caregivers across the nation. Commure was an early supporter of Strongline, and this transaction represents a deeper investment in its efforts towards creating strong, sustainable partnerships with health systems nationwide.

With 75% of reported workplace assaults taking place in health care settings, the crisis of caregiver safety is unfortunately not new. These challenges have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic and a nationwide behavioral health crisis, and hospital staff are leaving the profession in unprecedented numbers. We designed the Strongline platform to address these specific challenges, leaning heavily on a multi-year collaboration with nurses and hospital security professionals at Jefferson Health (PA). Now protecting tens of thousands of caregivers across dozens of hospitals and health systems, Strongline delivers a transformative impact on staff safety and morale.

Health care leaders have been appropriately focused on patient safety for the past twenty years, but the time has come to apply the same rigor to addressing caregiver safety. Every employee is entitled to feel safe when they come to work. Fear for one’s safety makes the work inherently unsustainable and has a direct impact on the staff’s ability to deliver high-quality care. In developing our duress alerting platform, we listened to those frontline caregivers and worked closely with them to build to their needs, giving them the tools to protect themselves and support one another.

Strongline emphasizes discreet alerting whenever staff feel unsafe. By activating a wearable badge, caregivers instantly communicate their name and real-time location to security personnel, as well as nearby colleagues and designated responders. Strongline emphasizes early intervention and de-escalation rather than waiting for tensions and risk to reach a level of panic.

Our mission at Strongline is to create a dramatically safer work environment for every patient-facing team member. In joining the Commure team, Strongline is excited to support a culture of forward-thinking innovation. With Commure’s ongoing support, we are in the best possible position to support the industry’s growing recognition that caregivers are scared and vulnerable — and that they deserve a new generation of tools to keep them safe. Hemant Taneja, Commure Executive Chair and Co-founder, has supported the Strongline vision since its inception.

Strongline’s approach to development — a collaboration with health system leaders and subject matter experts in the field — is a perfect match for Commure’s mission of innovation. Together, Commure and Strongline will transform the experience of health care workers on a massive scale, raising the bar for staff safety and vendor performance. This path forward with Commure will allow us to continue — and accelerate — our efforts towards creating a dramatically safer work environment for every patient-facing team member in healthcare.