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Jefferson, Geisinger partner on discreet staff safety alert system

"When we learned about this technology from Jefferson, we reached out to Strongline directly to understand more about it," said Janet Tomcavage, executive vice president and chief nursing executive at Geisinger. "Our staff's safety is a top priority at Geisinger, and this new technology presented a simple and cost-effective approach for that." – Becker's Healthcare, Laura Dyrda (1/11/20)


Keeping Nurses Safe on the Frontline: Jefferson and Geisinger Commit to Joint System-wide Deployment of Workplace Violence Prevention Technology

Two Pennsylvania health systems renowned for their use of digital technology are jointly deploying the Strongline Staff Safety System to all of their clinical facilities and their entire patient-facing workforce to enhance protection for their staff. – (1/4/21)


Hailed as heroes, hospital workers for years have been bitten, hit, kicked – and ignored

Cash-rich hospitals have done little to prevent violence against nurses and other medical staff. – Raquel Rutledge, Daphne Chen and John Diedrich, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (12/16/20)


How Jefferson Health is promoting nurse safety with a new alert system

"Philadelphia-based Jefferson Health has partnered with the healthcare technology start-up Strongline to develop an easier way for nurses and other hospital staff to call for help.…" – Gabrielle Masson, Becker's Hospital Review (12/18/19)


This tech startup wants to protect hospital staff from potential violence

“If we could get to a point where every worker in a healthcare environment could have protection like this, we would live in a much safer world…" – Leah Rosenbaum, Forbes (11/13/19)


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Deteriorating Workplace Safety: A National Health Care Crisis

“Far too often, health care workers are legitimately fearful for their personal safety while caring for patients. Among other disturbing facts, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that approximately 75% of the nearly 25,000 workplace assaults reported annually occur in health care and social service settings; workers in health care settings are four times more likely to be victimized than workers in private industry; and health care workers have a 20% greater chance of being a workplace violence victim compared to other workers.” – Ron Paulus, M.D. (September 2019)

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Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Workplace Violence: A Call for Employer Action

“It is imperative that health systems focus on the care environment and restore an environment that enables nurses to feel that their personal safety and security is the number one priority. A review of the literature clearly documents that violence in the workplace contributes to work dissatisfaction, decreased productivity, high rates of stress, high turnover and burnout.

Health care leaders must take action to establish a safety system and ensure that key safety practices for violence prevention are embedded into systems, workflows, practices, and care protocols.” – Kathy Guyette, MSN, RN, NEA-BC (January 2021)

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Preventing Violence Against Health Care Workers: Perspective From A Former CEO

As a health care provider industry, our efforts to elevate patient safety have been relentless, highly visible and with substantive improvements for the past several decades. Federal and state governments, insurance companies, employers and consumers have all played a role in driving the industry to enhance safety and quality for our patients. There have been parallel efforts to improve the safety of the workplace for our caregivers, but on arguably the most devastating reality of violence in the workplace, we have failed to find effective solutions and the problem has escalated. – Howard Grant, J.D., M.D. (6/10/20)

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