Make Staff Safety A Priority

Team of healthcare workers at a hospital smiling to camera

Written by Gail Donovan // Former President of Health Services and COO at TriHealth, Former COO, Mount Sinai/Continuum Health Partners

The effects of the pandemic on health care workers are ongoing, devastating and costly.  Nurses and other critical staff are leaving their jobs in unprecedented numbers due to burnout, compassion fatigue and safety concerns, including enduring increased verbal and physical violence from patients and their visitors.

A recent study of nurses cited that 44% experienced physical violence and 67% verbal abuse during the pandemic. Nurses who provided care for patients with COVID-19 experienced more physical violence and verbal abuse than nurses who did not care for these patients.

This disturbing data, horrific stories of caregivers being violently attacked, and ongoing “be kind to our workers” pleas from hospitals directly to communities, has prompted the American Hospital Association to write a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on workforce violence.  Richard Pollack, CEO of the American Hospital Association, writes “For medical professionals, being assaulted or intimidated can no longer be tolerated as “part of the job.” This unacceptable situation demands a federal response.”

Our team of Strongline advisors, former CEOs, COOs, and CNOs of health systems, have been encouraging health care leaders to support their staff and take preventive action to protect them from workplace violence.  We regularly host a webinar, “Preventing Violence Against Health Care Workers: The Role of Leadership In Protecting Staff”. We have seen attendance grow to hundreds of health system leaders joining each session to learn about the workplace violence statistics, best practices, new Joint Commission requirements, and a comparison of staff safety solutions. We invite you to join one of our upcoming webinars on April 6 or April 26.

I am proud to be part of a team that has developed a highly effective and affordable solution to protect health care workers.  Staff feel safer and are safer with the Strongline Staff Safety System. Out of all the investments and projects that a health system will support, staff safety should be a top priority.

Positive ROI can be achieved by:

  • Reducing turnover and retaining staff – on average, retaining several nurses per year covers the cost of providing Strongline to all team members for a year
  • Increasing success of recruitment efforts by promoting the importance you have placed on protecting your staff – a differentiator in highly competitive labor markets
  • Avoiding costly fines, lawsuits, and settlements if preventive action was not taken to keep workers safe

Learn more by registering for our upcoming webinar or email us at to request a demo or to set up a conversation with our advisors.