Creating safer care environments is our mission.

Staff safety should NOT be an afterthought, tacked onto costly, clunky tracking systems.

The Strongline staff safety system is a discreet way for staff to instantly summon help to their specific location.

Our proven approach has been developed in concert with front line clinical end users, security experts and IT innovators from leading hospitals and health systems nationwide. By learning from those who are most imminently impacted by issues of staff safety, Strongline has developed a state-of-the-art staff safety system, specifically for health care workers.


Wearable Panic Button

The Strongline beacon is typically worn with a hospital ID badge. Staff simply press a small button on the beacon which sends a silent distress alert with their identity and real-time location details to security personnel, as well as other staff in proximity.


Discreet De-escalation Tool

Inconspicuous alerting and rapid response from nearby colleagues dramatically improves the likelihood of timely de-escalation and intervention, reducing the probability of more serious negative outcomes.


Affordable, Robust BLE Platform

By leveraging an affordable and secure, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) location infrastructure, the Strongline system provides the ability for staff within your organization to instantly summon support, often for less than the cost of covering nurse lost work days, replacing nurses due to burn out, or paying out preventable workers’ comp claims.


Customizable Reporting

Flexible reporting and configuration options enable designated recipients to access detailed data that empowers leadership and security teams to track duress events and take appropriate action. The ability to track duress patterns, response times, and easily identify colleagues who have been directly or indirectly involved in duress events, positions the hospital to take proactive steps to more effectively support their teams.


Platform and Information Security

Strongline’s secure, cloud-based architecture allows for low up-front capital costs and fully managed services for infrastructure and software support. The BLE system is designed to avoid interference with existing clinical systems while protecting against information and network security risks.


Customizable, Rapid Deployment

The Strongline System is designed to be flexible and configurable for the unique needs of individual health care facilities. Hospitals can be fully deployed shortly after contract execution.

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A Purpose-Driven Solution

Strongline was co-developed in partnership with Jefferson Health. Violence against health care workers is a national crisis and it has escalated in the COVID-19 pandemic. Strongline was created with the sole purpose to prevent workplace violence against front-line health care workers. Nurses, clinicians, security leaders, and IT teams from Jefferson Health collaborated with Strongline to build this transformative duress alerting and de-escalation tool.

Simple System as a Service — No Hidden Fees

Strongline is affordably and conveniently procured as a simple, System as a Service (SaaS) package.

  • Simple, fixed annual fee
  • Battery replacements included
  • Installation included
  • Support and maintenance included

Strongline is your colleagues’ direct line to security and nearby staff who are best positioned to de-escalate a situation and provide timely support during instances of duress when every second counts.

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