What are health system leaders and staff saying about Strongline?

See how Jefferson Health has embraced Strongline to Improve staff safety.


"Protecting our team members is our very first priority. Using this creative, easily-installed and relatively inexpensive solution not only keeps our colleagues safe, but also generates deep appreciation for leadership’s commitment to their safety. And the ROI beyond goodwill is nearly immediate because the risk of losing staff or replacing even a handful of nurses is greater than the cost of the entire solution. This is a 'No Brainer’.”

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA // Former President – Thomas Jefferson University // Former CEO – Jefferson Health


“My staff love the system. They feel much more secure and safe. They know that when they press the button, someone's coming…The morale in the unit has definitely improved, because staff feel like the hospital administration has actually listened to them…I would not be comfortable working for another organization that did not have [this] device, because I would feel that they don't take their staff safety seriously.”

Michelle Lewandowski // Nurse Manager – Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


“The interference between the Bluetooth technology and other Bluetooth equipment in the clinical environment is insignificant. We’ve done testing and discovered that there is no perceptible disruption.  It allows for ease of implementation. The receivers themselves can go anywhere in our clinical environment as long as there is access to power and Wi-Fi.”

Katherine McNeill // Sr. Director, Program Management, Office of the CIO – Jefferson Health


“Violence in the workplace in health care is on the rise and we can't put a security officer on every floor. This is a cost effective application - staff like it and we're seeing a decline in violence in our workplace.”

"When staff hits the button, we get an alert back in the dispatch center and we dispatch our officers to their location. Strongline certainly has improved our response time and one of the nice things about the Strongline application is that it also sends an alert to proximate staff, so the people on the floor know something is happening with a specific nurse in a room. Not only is security coming quicker, but someone from the floor is coming as well. We found that to be a tremendous help to deescalate situations before they escalate into something more serious.”

Joseph Byham // VP of Public Safety, Security – Jefferson Health

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