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Workplace safety is a national concern

A striking number of nurses say they're victims of workplace violence

"The reality is if you ask emergency nurses, they will tell you every single shift they work there is some case of workplace violence…" – Megan Cerullo, Moneywatch (11/15/19)

Congress Bill Works to Protect Health Care Workers from Violence

"Violence in the workplace is an unfortunately common experience for many health care workers, and until now, there was no law protecting their safety." – Occupational Helath & Safety (11/25/19)

Healthcare Remains America’s Most Dangerous Profession Due To Workplace Violence

"In the healthcare and social services sector, violence against workers is a growing problem across the nation..." – Heidi Lynne Kurter, Forbes (11/24/19)

Pennsylvania hospitals are fighting for nurses’ safety

"While health care workers... comprise only 13% of the U.S. workforce, 60% of workplace assaults occur in health care." – Andy Carter, The Intelligencer (11/23/19)

Hospital violence draws renewed concerns

"Large disturbance by visitors sparked lockdown and police response at North Memorial Hospital." – John Croman, Kare 11 (11/23/19)

Black eyes, bruised limbs and concussions: Why nurses say going into work is like ‘walking into a war zone’

"A recent survey of 20,000 nurses revealed that 41% of nurses have been victims of “bullying, incivility or other forms of workplace violence."" – Paulina Cachero, Yahoo Lifestyle (11/22/19)

Workplace Violence Challenging Nurses, Impacting Retention

"Enhancing safety, addressing workplace violence, reducing bullying and adding flexibility were all important factors for satisfaction and retention..." – Security Magazine (11/22/19)

New Research Suggests Nurses at Increased Risk for Suicide

"Nurses are at a higher risk of suicide and are more likely to have experienced a job problem prior to taking their lives compared to others in the general population..." – Sharron Firth, MedPage Today (11/22/19)

House passes bill tackling workplace violence in health care, social services sectors

"The measure... calls for employers to develop plans to prevent and investigate instances of violence in the workplace." – Juliegrace Brufke, The Hill (11/21/19)

Survey: workplace violence commonplace in mental health

“More than half the time, no one followed up after an assault…" – Joyce Frieden, MedPage Today (10/25/19)

House bill to protect nurses from workplace violence advances

"Federal legislation to protect healthcare and social service employees from workplace violence is advancing after being voted out of the House Committee on Education and Labor..." – Kelly Gooch, Becker's Hospital Review (6/12/19)

Healthcare workers face violence ‘epidemic'

"From verbal abuse to physical assaults, healthcare workers on a daily basis face threats to their safety as they care for patients." – Lydia Coutré, Modern Healthcare (3/11/19)